How To Setup Your Favorite Song As Your Android Alarm

For a lot of people, music is their life. It’s what moves them, and gets them out of bed in the morning, literally, in this case. I’m a fairly heavy sleeper, so I usually need an alarm to match. However, If you want to wake up to your favorite hit song, or even a custom tune; it’s more than possible.

Before you can change your alarm to your favorite song, it needs to be on your phone first. Not only that, but it needs to be in one of the few correct spots in your storage. Whether you download it through your device or move it from another one; either option will only take a minute.


Let’s start with how to transfer an MP3 from one device to another. Instead of using the internet, how about a data cable? If you have a USB data cable that works with your device, you can turn any MP3 on your PC into an alarm in just a few quick steps and how to make your alarm a song on spotify.

First, power on your device and connect it to your PC via a USB data cable. If USB debugging is enabled, your device will open a folder on your PC automatically.

Directory Alarms

If it doesn’t connect, you can find your Android device’s internal storage where you find your PC’s internal storage. In the picture above you can see that I have an SD card as well, but for now, just open up your internal storage instead.

There are a few folders you could put a MP3 into so your stock alarm, or alarm app of choice, can find your music, but let’s go with the Alarms folder since it’s the easiest one.

Path Alarms

I only have one MP3 here right now, but that’s all I need since it’s the song I want. You can drag and drop any MP3 you want into this folder, and then it’s ready to use.

Now that your chosen MP3 is in place, you can safely disconnect your phone after you close out of all the folders you opened. You can select any MP3 you’ve put in the Alarms folder to be your new alarm tone.